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About Us

iQ3 is an online collaboration platform which enables engineers and designers from around the globe to interact with 3D CAD models in immersive virtual environments. Our goal is to make Virtual Reality an easy to use and productive tool for all designers, engineers, sales, services and management professionals to facilitate creation of better designs that are faster to market.

WHY iQ3?

WHY iQ3?


Get everyone working on the same CAD system and the same CAD data, instantly:

  • Access your CAD data and model parts from any cross-platform web browser or iOS/Android phones and tablets.
  • No downloads, installs, license keys, or service packs required.
  • No compatibility issues – everyone has the latest version.


iQ3 enables users to join meetings with advanced options to control meetings and launch into Immersive VR Mode:

  • Toggle between VR and non VR modes.
  • Meeting participants who do not have VR display can see the data in standard format.
  • Experience 1-1 aspect ratio in VR mode, as if they were in a CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment).




Empower your team with the power of real 1:1 scale 3D ! Not only can you hold design reviews remotely in an immersive 3D environment, but your teams can collaborate to solve a majority of design issues before the meeting actually begins, saving time to answer the critical decisions.


Greatly reduce travel costs by solving problems remotely. iQ3 is vendor neutral so you can share and exchange data with your vendors and customers, no matter what CAD program they’re using. Data is viewed in a temporary conference site, meaning that your data is not accessible by your customer or vendor.


Budgets are tight, products are more complicated. Save time and money by training your team and customers in a 3D virtual world, even before the physical product is built. Empower participants with a better understanding and complete awareness of your product before they actually put their hands on it.


Support at a customer site is difficult with ever more complex products. With iQ3 you can web-conference with your customers and easily walk them through your product in an immersive 1:1 scale environment, providing better understanding and a higher satisfaction with your product. No wasted time scheduling and travelling to training meetings.


With iQ3’s immersive VR experience, you can now empower your team and clients with a true 1-to-1 scale model of your design, before anything is actually built. Produce innovative design solutions, ensure client satisfaction, and reduce costly rework by utilizing virtual walkthroughs to get true perspective of your model.


Bring the Site to you! With iQ3’s immersive VR environment and 3D Scan-to-VR capability, participants can get the perspective and insight of site visits without the added cost and time demands of travel. In addition, this virtual site visit can be made available to all available teams and saved for later analysis.



The future of virtual collaboration is here.


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